The 4 mistakes to avoid in presentations

Too often, business presentations are like baptismal photos of the firstborn: only those who took them like them. If at the mere expression: ” Maybe at the marketing meeting tomorrow I project a couple of charts “, colleagues vanish, perhaps your presentation style it’s not that effective. Don’t worry, you are not alone: ​​many professionals,… Read More »

What employees want from their boss

The impact of a manager on the dynamics of a team is more influential than one might think. Performance, atmosphere in the office, degree of commitment and respect for the corporate culture are just some of the indicators that fluctuate according to the empathic and managerial capacity of a leader. Among the variables involved, according… Read More »

The 4 pillars to manage employees who work remotely

All we do is talk about smart working: a way of understanding the profession in a 2.0 key that eliminates the constraint of physical presence in the office and opens the doors to work remotely. A practice that until a few years ago might have seemed utopian, and which today seems instead the normal evolution… Read More »

5 things the boss expects of you … even if he doesn’t ask

Communication between leader and employee is not always easy. Especially if the topic of conversation is the so-called “basic”: attitudes, soft skills, personal and character attitudes that a leader requires to consider a resource a real added value. If you’ve just started a new job and want to establish yourself as an excellent professional ,… Read More »

3 Reasons Entrepreneurs Are Not Suitable for CEOs

Forget the tale of Jeff Bezos or that of Mark Zuckerberg: the founder of a company is almost never able to bring his creature to success as CEO. After all, having an entrepreneurial and visionary perspective does not always coincide with having solid skills management and managerial skills. As if a Ferrari engineer, after fine-tuning… Read More »