Leadership is empathy and generosity: interview with Alessandra Losito

By | 04.01.2021

Alessandra Losito , 43 years old, Neapolitan, graduated in Economics from Federico II where she then obtained a Master in Economics and Finance (MEF); then began her career in the financial sector: first in PwC , then in Borsa Italiana , in Citi and for 12 years in Pictet Wealth Management , where today he holds the role of head of the Rome office and member of the Italian executive committee. She has the CFA international certification and helped launch the I Fuoriclasse della Scuola project with FEDUF, the Ministry of Education and the Savings Museum. She was recently listed by Financecommunity as one of the 50 most influential professionals in the Italian financial sector, she is married and has two children.

1. What exactly is your job and what are the biggest challenges you face every day?

The job of the Wealth manager is to help HNWI ( High Net Worth Individual ) clients in organizing, planning and managing their wealth over time and according to individual specific needs. Technical skills are needed in various fields (investments, succession, planning tools, etc.) and strong interpersonal skills; you work as a team as an orchestra conductor with various specialists. It is fascinating to work because you meet very talented people who have created or received wealth to manage. It is responsible work based on the trust received from customers.

2. What was the best and most difficult professional moment you experienced?

I have had many good professional moments: as over the years new clients arrived and existing clients confirmed their mandate and then when I was appointed to the Italian executive committee of Pictet wealth management; the difficult moments are related to the post-maternity return: I wanted to spend as much time as possible with my children and being very passionate about my work too I tried to make ends meet with new energy and a new organization of my days. I think it is the most delicate step for a woman in the course of her career (not just in finance).

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3. What does the term “leadership” mean to you and how do you try to bring it into your work environment every day?

Leadership is empathy and generosity.

In his book Give & Take, professor Adam Grant explains it well: the most successful people, in the long run, are givers and not takers. Leaders have a solid network they can rely on only if they have been generous along their path, offering ideas, connections, opportunities, time, skills. If they were selfish, they find themselves alone once the role is over: they weren’t real leaders!

I am also convinced that “leaders are readers”. There are hundreds of books worth reading to learn and improve: the aforementioned Give & Take, La Bussola del Successo, Principles, The 7 Habits of Highly effective people, Think fast and slow, Antifragile, Work Rules, Lean In to name a few.

4. What does the term “innovation” mean to you and how do you try to bring it into your working environment every day?

Innovation in my opinion is the concrete answer to a fundamental gift: creativity. Being creative means asking yourself constant questions and trying to change or improve what you see around you. The Star Player of the School project, for example, was carried out by a public-private team after the finding that a reliable collector was missing to collect scholarships for excellent students. Innovation in the world of education and non-profit!

5. Your favorite quote?

Inspiration exists but it must already be found at work (Pablo Picasso).

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